Pilot Internships Year Major/s Internship Where are They Now?
Kyle Layman 2006 REL Freedom Summer: Raleigh State Capitol MA Government, Georgetown (2008); Chief of Staff for Congressman Raul Ruiz
Hannah McMahan 2007 REL Darrell Hunt Project MDiv, WFU (2010); Lead Coordinator for Jimmy Carter’s New Baptist Covenant
Mary Little 2009 REL Mothers for Justice (2008)Honors Thesis: Sustained Faith: Women, Collateral Violence and the Place of Religion Boston School of Theology, M.Div. (Chaplaincy); Pastor, Federated Church of Christ, Brooklyn, CT
Mustafa Abdullah 2010 REL C.HA.N.G.E.,(W-S, NC) C.HA.N.G.E, Assoc. Organizer; ACLU, Program Associate, Eastern Missouri
Randy Paris 2010 POL/REL West Wing, White House, (Washington, DC)Honors Thesis: Into the Wilderness: The Rise of the Christian Right and the Future of Roe v. Wade Confidential Assistant, Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House, Washington, DC
Kate Massetta 2011 REL Hope for Honduran Children, Honduras Teach for America, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, High School Spanish
Graduated w/ Concentration  
LaTisha Divenuto 2012 COM C.HA.N.G.E.,(W-S, NC) Pursuing acting and recording career, NY, NY
Paolo Guazzini 2012 REL Children’s Home (W-S, NC) Clark University, MA, Practical Theology; Vice President at Afram Import and Export, Miami, FL
Erin Cassidy 2012 REL/ART Red Dog Gallery (W-S, NC)Honors Thesis: John Calvin on Christian Responsibility for the Common Good, [Chosen for the ZSR Library Senior Showcase.] Greenstar Movement, Chicago, IL. [designs and creates public art]
Natalie Beck 2013 REL Grace City (Baltimore, MD)  Milieu Coordinator, Eating Recovery Center, Denver, CO
Katie Bradburn 2013 REL/CHEM Mapuche People (Chile)Honors Thesis: Dandelion without Borders: A Scientific and Spiritual Analysis of the Therapeutic Activity of the Dandelion Academic Associate in the Department of Emergency Medicine at North Shore University Hospital, Long Island, NY
Cory Ryan 2013 REL Pew Research Forum (Washington, DC) Alpha Sigma Phi, Coordinator of Chapter and Colony Development Carmel, Indiana
Naijla Faizi 2014 REL Winston-Salem Interfaith  Ameri-Corps*VISTA Intern, Pro Humanitate Institute, Wake Forest University
John James 2014 REL Pollsmoor Prison, (Cape Town, South Africa) M.Div. Program, Union Theological Seminary, NY, NY
Muhammad Siddiqui 2014 REL/POL National Defense University, Washington, DC Wake Forest Fellow, Office of Dean of the College, WFU;  Deloitte US
Laura Simpson 2014 REL Children’s Home, (W-S, NC)Honors Thesis: The Mormon Other: National Identity and Religious Legitimacy in American Discourse, 1830-1900 AmeriCorps, Site Coordinator in East Palo Alto, CA
Bailey Stinson 2014 REL/BIO Interfaith Dialogue Model Development: WFU Muslim Student Association, Boonville United Methodist Church, NC & Gadja Mada University, Indonesia MA in Management, WFU Business School

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