Dr. Ulrike Wiethaus

Ulrike Wiethaus (PhD, Religious Studies, Temple University) currently holds a joint appointment as full professor in the Department of Religion and American Ethnic Studies, and is a 2013 Community Solutions Fellow with the Institute for Public Engagement at Wake Forest University.

Her research interests focus on the history of Christian spirituality with an emphasis on gender justice and political history, and most recently, historic trauma, religion, and the long-term impact of US colonialism.  As the inaugural director, she has guided the creation of the Religion and Public Engagement concentration in Religious Studies.

She has won several awards on innovative teaching strategies and community engagements, including the Donald O. Schoonmaker Faculty Prize for Community Service, Innovative Teaching Award (with Gillian Overing, WFU 2008), the Presidential Library Grant (with Mary Scanlon, WFU 2008), and the Entrepreneurship and Liberal Arts Award for Local Community Involvement and Outreach (WFU 2007), and has been awarded a Shively Family Fellowship for 2010 – 2012. She has directed, produced, and co-produced several non-profit documentaries with elders on the Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota, and most recently edited a non-profit book of poetry and autobiographies by American Indian prisoners at Alexander Correctional Institution in Taylorsville, NC.


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